Geocentric/Heliocentric Notes

Aristotle ancient Greek scientist, lived over 2300 years ago.  Taught that the Earth was center of Solar System.  Believed by kings and Catholic Church.
Ptolemy Ancient Greek scientist who proposed the Geocentric model of the solar system, lived 2,000 years ago.

geocentric  model


belief that ALL objects in the solar system revolve around Earth, the Earth is the center of the universe. The Earth does not move.

heliocentric model


the sun is the center of the solar system and the Earth is moving.

Copernicus Polish astronomer who proposed the heliocentric view of the solar system, wrote book, afraid to publish until dying.
                        Kepler                     German scientist who wrote a book supporting heliocentric model, also suggested a force like gravity, he inspired Galileo
Galileo Italian scientist who used a telescope to prove that the heliocentric model was correct, he also gave us the scientific method.
Sir Isaac Newton English scientist who defined gravity and explained how it made the heliocentric model work.
gravity the force that all objects exert on each other because of their mass.  Gravity holds the solar system together.
Black Hole collapsed star, super gravity, no light!