JCMS Egg Drop Gizmo Competition
Your assignment is to create a gizmo or device that will protect a raw egg when it is dropped from a 25 foot tall tower.  You egg must not crack or break!!! 
Raw Eggs will be provided by Mr. Burke.  DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN EGG TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!
The most important ingredient is your IMAGINATION!!!

  1. The gizmo must be something that YOU designed and built.  
  2. Some suggestions are parachutes, giant paper airplanes, and kites. You might think about using balloons, straws, popsicle sticks, Pringle cans, popcorn, marshmallows, pantyhose legs, rubber bands, stockings, plastic trash bags, grocery store bags, cardboard, wood,  dog fennel sticks, and pretty much anything not listed in the FORBIDDEN LIST.
  3. You may want to keep the weight low on your gizmo-heavy gizmos hit the floor harder and are more likely to break the eggs.
  4. Any containers that you use MUST be built by you or greatly modified.  For example, you cannot use a shoe box or other ready-made cardboard box, but you can use the cardboard to build your own container.
  5. You can make your own plastic sheets for parachutes by taking grocery/Walmart bags and cutting the bottom and tops off of them.  This will give you a long narrow sheet of very light weight plastic.  You can tape several of these sheets together using transparent tape to get a larger sheet of plastic.
  6. Cloth does not make a good parachute!
  7. Test you gizmo using BOILED EGGS.  Boiled eggs do not make a mess on the floor.  After testing, if you find a crack on your egg, use a marker to circle it.  Modify your gizmo and test it again using the same egg.

FORBIDDEN LIST:  You may NOT use foam rubber, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, towels, socks, T-shirts, cardboard boxes, store-bought parachutes, liquids, glass, or anything that may shatter and injure others, and No Peanut Butter!. 
A plastic grocery store bag attached to a cup is not a parachute. 

Eggdrop Youtube 1

Eggdrop Youtube 2

Eggdrop Youtube 3

Eggdrop Parachute plan

11 Eggdrop Gadgets


Rocket Project!
You must build a rocket using at least one 2 liter soda pop bottle.  The bottle will be your engine.  DO NOT CUT OR MAKE ANY holes in the engine bottle.  The opening in the bottle must be pointing toward the ground.  We will use water and air pressure to make the rockets  fly. 
There are no special rules for rockets.  I just need to be able to slip a piece of 1/2 inch pvc pipe into the bottle opening.  Nose cones and fins make better looking and higher flying rockets.  Longer rockets fly better.  An excellent idea is to make a long slender nose cone from a plastic poster.  The long, thin nose cone makes the rocket fall back to the ground slower.  You can also add a small amount of weight to the nose of the rocket.  This will also help make it fly higher.

Parents, please work with your children to make the egg drop gizmos and the rockets.  Also, please come to watch as we launch both.
Wayne Burke
If you want to talk to me about ideas or what to do, call the school in the morning or I’m in the Millen phone book.

2010-2011 Eggdrop and Rocket Photos

2008 Rocket Photos.

2007 Rocket Photos

Egg Drop Photos.

2012 Rockets

Parachute wmv

Parachute QT

Spear wmv

Spear QT

Big Rocket! wmv

Big Rocket! QT

Big Bang! ! wmv

Big Bang! QT

Water Rocket Tutorial

Spear Water Rocket Tutorial