Welcome to the JCMHS Aquaponics Team page.  Our plan is to learn how to build and operate an aquaponics system.  On this page, we will post links to informative websites and maintain a list of Youtube videos.  I strongly recommend that you watch a few of the Youtubes to get a good understanding of aquaponics and how to get started.  If you want to get more information about our team or want to support our efforts, please email me at wburke@jchs.com.

http://www.aquaponicsusa.com/education/aquaponics-101-introduction.html  Has a complete course.

Complete Floating Raft System

Floating Raft System

Rob Bob Flow Filter

Swirl Filter II

Blue Tilapia

Using Grow Grips

Green Beans in a raft system

Melbourne Aquaponics

An Australian who has some very good videos

The School of Aquaponics

This guy has some very good videos and you can learn from start to finish how to setup, maintain, and care for and aquaponics system.


IBC Tote build: Start at 15 minute mark.


Choosing Grow lights

Aquaponics Site:

Aquaponics Video

What is aquaponics?




Aquaponics Reference Site 1

Aquaponics Reference Site 2


10 Minute Aquaponics System

$10 Aquaponics System

1.  Aquaponics small scale

2.  Backyard Aquaponics

3.  Simple Aquaponics

4.  CHOPS Aquaponics

5.  Easy backyard Aquaponics

6.  Super simple Aquaponics

7. Solar powered Aquaponics

8. $10 dollar swirl filter

9.  Radial swirl filter

10. Backyard Aquaponics (automation)

**11.  Small scale-excellent classroom model


A-Team Homework

Aquaponic Barrel System Build, Chop & Flip Style.  The Youtube video.

Video Clips

Chop & Flip IBC build clip


Bell siphon how to clip


Setting up a grow bed & selecting grow media


Planting out in aquaponic media beds


How we release fingerlings


Growing sowing & planting guides


Aquaponic vlogs


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Fish Care:

5 Possible Problems and Cures

Worms in Aquaponics-Good for it

Tilapia and water temperature

PH for fish and plants

Filtration for Grow Beds-important!

Grow Light Calculations