Karaoke Science

Welcome to an exciting new way of learning about Earth Science.  I call it Karaoke Science.  Just think about the last time you heard a new song that you really liked.  The first time you heard it, you thought it was a good song and you remembered the basic song.  The next time you heard the song, you began to learn a few words.  The third and fourth time you heard it, you were really starting to learn the words.  After you heard the song enough times, you got to where you could sing the whole thing.  Well in Karaoke Science, you will hear about the different parts of Earth Science enough times that you will learn it better than you have ever learned any subject before.  So come on, let's work hard and get super smart!!!

Find your unit in the chart below and let's get to work.


Astronomy Karaoke


Earth's Resources

Erosion and Weathering

Minerals, Rocks, and Fossils


Plate Tectonics

Weather and Climate