Here is a collection of ideas that you might want to use or modify to show what you are learning in science.  Many of these are images that will give you ideas.

Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonics video-you could create something similar or BETTER using Explain Everything.


Make an aquifer-look for plans on the internet or ask Mr. B for some suggestions




Create some weather instruments.

Rock Cycle

Make a rock-mix some dry sand, small gravel, bits of rock in a cup.  Mix up a super solution of Borax and slowly cover the dry mixture with it.  Do not add so much Borax solution that there is liquid covering the top of the sand mixture.




Project Ideas:


Jan 22 002.jpgJan 22 003.jpg

Jan 22 004.jpg




Button solar system



Erosion and Weathering


Earth's Resources