Amazing Astronomy

Our Place in Space

Sunrise Video

Galaxy Notes


Big Bang BP

Galaxy Notes 2


Geo/Helio Notes 3

Week One Notes

Galaxy Notes.

Cloze activity



CPS Quiz

Sun Watching w/telescope & sun globes

Bubble Map-inner planets

Bubble Map-outer planets

Comets, asteroids, meteroids in Coachbooks


BP asteroids,

1st Benchmark.


Earth Tilt Unit

Brainpop- Seasons

Copy these notes IAN style- Earth Movement Notes 

Earth's Tilt

Read Earth's Movements-CG document

Create "Space Chicken"


Earth's Movements Cloze

Stem Lab Day: "Seasonal Rotations"

Seasons Simulation


Arctic Cam Fairbanks

Coachbook pg. 35-38

Quia Earth Movements

W2W- Earth's movements




USATestPrep login

Listen-Earth movements mp3

Seasons Tilt 1

Seasons Tilt 2

Earth Tilt webpage

Seasons Tilt 3



Quizlet-Earth's Seasons

Earth's Movements Test CG document

Earth Moves Challenge old


Earth's tilt poster assignment

Ted-Ed Earth's tilt lesson

Online quiz



Quizlet-Earth's Seasons

Week 6


Moon Unit

Moon Notes

Moon Phase Demo One

Moon Phases Demo Two

Moon Phase Rap

Moon Phase Rap words

Read pg 357-362 in Readng Essentials book . Homework!

Moon Madness Cloze Online

Moon Madness Cloze Printable & Graphics


Watch Brainpop/Moon Phases

3. Get a copy of the Moon Cloze and use the Moon Madness Notes to complete your worksheet

4.Moon Madness Notes


6. Moon Phases Challenge -graded

7. Answer these questions working with your partner. -graded

1. Quia Moon Madness

2.Quizlet Moon Phases

3.Moon madness mp3

4.Earth movements mp3

5.Moon Test


2.Moon Reading Riddle

3.Moon Phase Quiz

4.Moon Phase Poster

5.Shadows Foldable

6. Project of your choice-get approved by Mr. Burke

Project Idea


Astro Challenge

1.W2W-Moon Phases graded

2. Coach Book, pg. 31-33

3. Eclipse Challenge

1. Continue working on unfinished activities.:

2. continue working on Shadows Foldable

3 Practice Test-use your notes.

4. Astro Challenge

Friday: 10 minute wrapup!

Earth Moon Study Guide

Quia Moon Madness

Moon Test

Astronomy Test

Moon Test







Early Space Target  Seasons Fling SUPER SPACE MAZE

Astronomy Fling


Seasons Hoops New Space Maze

Astronomy Swords


Seasons Match  

Early Space Swords


Seasons Penalty  

Early Space Fling


Seasons Plank  

Early Space Hoops


Space Match  

Early Space Penalty



Early Space Plank







Solar System Project

Galaxy Tour

1st Notes

1st Essentials

Coachbook Quiz 1

Astronomy Essentials

Amazing Space Glogster Project


Zoom Astronomy



Exploring the Solar System


Virtual Solar System


The Nine Planets Site


Solar System LIVE!  (Way Cool)


Explore the Solar System


The Planets (NASA)


StarChild Website
Space News       
Moon Phase Pholdable SUPER SPACE MAZE


Astro Quiz 2  
Cosmic Quiz-the Sequel!
Moon Works

Seasons & Eclipses Test