DO NOT WRITE ON THIS PAPER!!!!  Copy these sentences into your Logbook and COMPLETE them by reading the Volcano website or your Coach Book.




1. The Earth's crust is broken into many pieces called ____________________.


2. A plate boundary is ______________________________.


3. The three kinds of plate boundaries are _____________, _________________, and _________________.


4. Name and describe each of the three boundaries.


5. The plates move very slowly, about ______ to ______centimeters per year.


6. Continental drift theory says


7. The scientist who came up with the Continental Drift Theory was


8. About 250 million years ago there was a supercontinent called


9. Fossils of warm weather plants have been found in


10. Pangea was broken up by the movement of the plates. The movement of the plates is caused by


COACH BOOK pg 156.


11. The lithosphere is


12. The moving chunks of the lithosphere are called


13. Continental plates are                                    and oceanic plates are                               


14. When an oceanic plate runs into a continental plate


15. Along the borders where oceanic plates slide under continental plates, you will often find   


16. When two ocean plates meet, we will find


17. When two continental plates collide they may buckle upward and produce


18. Sometimes plates may get stuck and then suddenly get “unstuck” causing an


19. Around the Pacific Ocean, there is a belt of volcanoes known as the


20. This belt follows