Geology Lessons

Georgia Rocks Activity

Minerals "the Movie"

Rock Key Activity

Rock Cycle video board Chap 4 lesson Three
Chap 4 lesson One Chap 4 lesson Four
Chap 4 lesson Two Rock Cycle Crossword

9 Weeks Review

Rock Cycle Notes

Crossword Puzzle

Rock Madness

Multiple Choice Review



Minerals Youtube 1

Minerals Youtube 2

Mineral Notes

Tuesday:Mineral Brainpop

Brainpop Quiz


Wednesday Quiz

Thursday:Minerals "the Movie"

Mineral Foldable


Week Two

Rock Cycle Notes

Chap 4 Rocks Reading

Rock Madness

Multiple Choice Review




Earth Layer Notes

Plate Notes

Volcano Notes

Mineral Notes

Team Jeopardy




3D Graphing of the crustal elements


Week Three





Mineral Foldable

Tue: Benchmark

Wed: Benchmark conclusion

Minerals Crossword

Makeup Work: 1st mineral quiz

Thur: Doc Link


Tuesday:Minerals "the Movie"

Mineral Notes


Review Quiz


W2W Minerals

Read pg 27-40 in Science Book. Complete worksheets.

Review Quiz




STEM Lab activities

Listen to your notes

Review Test

Minerals Riddle

FRIDAY: W2W The Mystery Mineral


Week 5

Monday: Minerals Riddle

Mineral Notes

Minerals Cloze Review

Read pg 27-40 in Science Book

Test Tuesday!!!

Tues: The Test!!!

Brainpop- The Rock Cycle

In Reading Essentials book, read pg 41-51.

Rock Cycle Notes







Minerals Makeup Test

W2W Mineral ID

Week Six

In Reading Essentials book, read pg 41-51.


Metamorphic Rocks Rock Cycle Notes

Copy notes 23-32

Jeopardy Review

Tuesday: W2W, D, "The rock cycle..."

Sedimentary Rocks

Rock Cycle Notes Copy 33-42 Wednesday: Self Check quiz 1

Self Check quiz 2 Self Check quiz 3

Thursday: W2W, Quad Cluster, 4-6 Crossword Puzzle

Friday: W2W, G, 4-6

BrainPop Rock Cycle Take the quiz after the movie Multiple ChoiceCompletion Practice

Week 7 Mon: Rock Madness: Tues: BrainPop-Rocks Test Review Answers School Test Review

Wednesday: W2W Rock Project Thursday: W2W G, 4-6 Friday: W2W, Quad Cluster

Week 7

Monday:The Monday Page! Tuesday: Tuesday Page Wednesday:Wednesday Page Thursday: Thursday Page Friday: Friday Page W2W Monday: Fossils are... Smartboard Quandary 1

Smartboard Quandary 2

Rock It To Me lesson
Click on Earth, then Continental Drift
Layers of the Earth
Pangea worksheet  
Rock Cycle & Soil Notes