Hydrology Lessons

Thursday Sub Plan

1. Crossword Puzzle for Test Review


Video- Earth's Water on Youtube
Video- Our Fresh Water
Read Coachbook pg 44-47

Water Cycle Quiz


1. Ocean Floor Topo Video

2. Ocean Floor Maps

3. Ocean Floor Features


Ocean Floor Features lesson Tides Lesson
Currents Lesson Tides Race
Water & Topography X-word Water Cycle Blubbr



Earth's Water

Brainpop, Groundwater

BP Water Supply

Glacier Brainpop

Earth Oceans Views

Earth's Water video

Hydrology Notes!

Hydrology IAN1

IAN 2 notes

Water Graphs

IAN 3 notes


Desalination Article

Desal Article 2

a. Mexico Desalination Plant

Hydrology Read Me Now

Read Coachbook pg 44-47

Water Riddle One

Water Riddle Two

Water Cloze

Quia, Water Water/flashcards! PC's only

Hydro Test 1

Earth's Water Test

Water Water Test


Water Research


Hydrology Crossword

WaterWorld Foldable







Water Cycle Lesson


Water Cycle Writing


Water Cycle IAN 1



1. Brainpop W/C

Great W/C Video

2.Water Cycle Notes

3. Kudzuacres Water Cycle


4. Water cycle reading

5. Water Cycle Reading Riddle

6. Make your own drawing of the Water Cycle, Sample Steps

7. Completion Quiz

7a. Water Crossword

8. Water Cycle First Test

8. Water Cycle Quandary

9. Watercycle practice

10.Water Cycle Sum1

5. Water Cycle Demo

12. S6E3abTest

13. Chungungo, Chile Fog

c. Fogcatchers article

d. Fogcatchers video











Ocean Floor Topography Lesson

Ocean Floor Maps


a. Ocean Topo IAN1

b. Ocean Topo IAN2


1. Ocean Floor Reading 1

2. Ocean Floor Info Site

3. Ocean Topography click pg. 8

4. Coach Book pg 51-54

5. Topography Notes

6. Ocean Topo Xword

6. Ocean Floor Pactice Quiz

7. Ocean Floor Test

8. Ocean Floor Makeup

Mapping the Ocean Floor video

Ocean Floor Spreading video

OCEAN Floor Team Learning

Ocean Floor Test

Currents Lesson


1. Ocean Currents Vid

1a.Ocean Currents Vid2

2. Currents Notes 1

3. Currents Notes 2

4. Currents Audio

5. Workbook chap 18 lesson 2, let Chrome read aloud

6.Currents Cloze

Currents, Waves, & Tides Notes

BrainPop Currents


7. Currents Riddle

8. Reading Assignment Just read about Currents

Density Currents Riddle

WavesCurrents Crossword

Currents Test

Currents Cloze 2 and map

Study Guide for Test

1. Currents Video

Currents Notes 1

Currents Notes 2

Currents Audio

Currents Riddle

2.Density Video

Density Currents Riddle

WavesCurrents Crossword

Waves Review

Wave Youtube

Waves IAN

Waves Audio

Tides Youtube

Tide Notes

Tides Audio


Tides quandary

Tides Practice test

Waves Practice Test

Currents Practice Test












Tide highlights

Tides Audio

Tides quandary

Tides Jeopardy

Tides Test



Waves Unit

Waves Website

Wave Youtube

Waves Youtube2

Waves Youtube3

Waves IAN

Wave Notes

Waves Quiz

Waves Audio

Wave-tide highlights

Wave lesson



BPWaves etc

Waves audio

Waves Xword

S6E3d Test

The Tides!

Water Cycle notes

Tides Blubbr

Brainpop Tides

Tide Notes

Tide highlights

Bay of Fundy Website


Tides Audio

Tides Demo Site



Tides quandary

Tides Test


Week 9

Marsh Blubbr


Tides Youtube

Tides Youtube 2

2.Tides Demo Site

3. Tidal Flash

. 4.Tides quandary

5. Tidal Flash 2

Tides Crossword

Tides Flash

Tides jumble

Tides Audio

Currents audio

Tides Jeopardy

Currents, waves, tides test

Makeup Work

Currents audio

Waves Audio

Tides Audio

Watercycle makeup

Currents Test



1st set of notes Hydrology quiz show