Hydrology Notes 2

12. groundwater is found in aquifer

13. aquifer is an underground layer of permeable rock that contains water

14. permeable rock has spaces in it that can contain water

15. runoff is water from rain or melted snow that can help refill the aquifers

16. infiltration is the process of runoff soaking down into the aquifers

17. water table is the top of the water level in an aquifer

18. water wells- most drinking water comes from wells drilled down into the aquifer. Our drinking water comes from the aquifer!

19. reservoirs are large lakes that provide some drinking water for cities. Which lake in Georgia does Atlanta use?

20. desalination-process of removing salt from sea water to make it drinkable. IS EXPENSIVE!


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During 1985, an average of about 3 billion gallons per day of freshwater was withdrawn from the Floridan Aquifer for all purposes.